About us

TVG-Zimsen is a comprehensive transportation company that offers all services related to importing and exporting, and a full range of transit services around the world. TVG-Zimsen is affiliated with major transport companies around the world, utilising the broad service networks and production systems of our partners.
TVG-Zimsen was created through the merger of Tollvörugeymslan hf. and the stevedoring company Jes Zimsen in 1996, the latter company having roots dating back to 1894.
KT/REG.NO: 650269–4389
VSK.NR/VAT.NO: 11089
BANKI/BANK: Landsbankinn – Borgartúni 33
REIKNINGSNÚMER/ACCOUNT NO.: 0111 - 26 - 000095
IBAN: IS14 0111 2600 0095 6502 6943 89

Opening hours:
Opening hours at TVG-Zimsen offices and warehouse are:
Mondays-Thursdays at 08:00-16:30
Fridays at 08:00-15:00

Contact us by phone on +354 5 600 700 or by e-mail and we’ll find the best solution for you.

For matters regarding finance and accounts please send your inquiries by e-mail here.


Human Resource Policy

We highly value our staff and do our best to emphasize human rights and a healthy working environment. We realize the variety of our resources and do our very best to give individuals the opportunity to use their interests and strengths the best possible way.

As Eimskip's subsidary our operation follows the Eimskip's Human Resource Policy.
You can read more regarding Eimskip's Human Resource Policy here


Code of Conduct

As Eimskip's subsidary, our operation follows the Eimskip's Code of Conduct, emphasizing honesty, responsibility and work ethics.
You can read more regarding Eimskip's Code of Conduct here