TVG-Zimsen is a comprehensive transportation company that offers all services related to importing and exporting, and a full range of transit services around the world. TVG-Zimsen is affiliated with major transport companies around the world, utilising the broad service networks and production systems of our partners.
TVG-Zimsen was created through the merger of Tollvörugeymslan hf. and the stevedoring company Jes Zimsen in 1996, the latter company having roots dating back to 1894.
KT/REG.NO: 650269–4389
VSK.NR/VAT.NO: 11089
BANKI/BANK: Landsbankinn – Borgartúni 33
REIKNINGSNÚMER/ACCOUNT NO.: 0111 - 26 - 000095
IBAN: IS14 0111 2600 0095 6502 6943 89

Opening hours:
Opening hours at TVG-Zimsen offices are 08:00-16:30.
Warehouse opening hours are 08:00-17:00.

Contact us by phone on +354 5 600 700 or by e-mail and we’ll find the best solution for you.

For matters regarding finance and accounts please send your inquiries by e-mail here.