TVG-Zimsen offers comprehensive agency services to all ship owners and liner operators. This service is either a port agency service, provided to a wide range of ships, ranging from cruise ships to fishing vessels, and/or a liner agency service provided to shipping lines, including sales and marketing activities.
The port agency service provides for comprehensive services clearing ships in and out of ports, including communication with customs, immigration and other authorities as well as calling for various services such as provisions, bunkering, water, waste disposal, repairs, crew changes, medical services, etc.
We basically serve all types of vessels, such as container ships, bulk ships, military ships, research ships and cruise vessels.

In addition to agency services TVG-Zimsen offers agency logistics services, connecting it's agency services with the world-wide logistics portfolio of TVG-Zimsen.

Our services:

• Ship agency services
• Port services
• Crew transfers
• Ship handler services
• Cargo/customs declarations
• Oil and bunker brokers
• Brokerage of cargo
• Stevedoring

We handle:

• Reefer vessels
• Cruise vessels
• Tugs
• Cable layers
• Tankers
• General cargo vessels
• Bulk vessels
• Seismic- / research vessels
• Fishing vessels
• Navy vessels

Other services offered by our company:

• Transshipments
• Discharging of trawlers
• Warehouse (dry, chilled and cold)
• Air freight & Sea freight
• Customs transit to vessels


Flavour of Iceland

Early in 2013. TVG-Zimsen and Ekran decided to partner up and develop a collaboration aimed at promoting Icelandic foods and beverages to the cruise ship industry. Ekran, as a duty-free wholesale, and TVG-Zimsen, as a cruise agency, recognised the increasing number of cruise ships docking in Iceland and studied their procurement patterns. Though frequently docking in Iceland, cruise ships’ sourcing of Icelandic products didn’t seem to be a key element in their procurement strategy. At the same time, it was very noticeable that containers were being transported by air- and sea freight, causing considerable shipping costs and unnecessary logistic challenges.

As they noticed that the situation reflected opportunities for Icelandic food suppliers, it was decided to develop a strategic collaboration, which
has been given the name Flavour of Iceland.

Flavour of Iceland’s main focus is on quality, freshness and competitive prices. Therefore, the company has narrowed it's focus downs to 5 key products: seafood, lamb, dairy, water and produce.